2020 TT Series is here

Welcome to the 2020 season. As you may have gathered by now ALL type A and B time trials have been cancelled until 30th June 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This means none of our evening time trials will go ahead until at least the 1st July 2020. The first event is therefore likely to be the 6th July on the new Copdock course but keep an eye on FaceBook and this page for updates. We will likely have a total of 8  events in which case the number of counting events will be 5.


A lot has changed for the 2020 season. The leagues are no longer restricted to non member riders so everyone has the chance to score points towards the leagues. Plomesgate and Orwell Velo will be promoting events along with the usual four. Wolsey will be using a new course based out of Copdock VH so 2 new clubs and three new courses! The entry fee has increased to £5. The CTT takes £3 of this in a levy for each rider so £2 goes to the clubs.

PLEASE READ the Important Notes post so that you are aware of the rules.

A working rear light is MANDATORY for ALL events. This is now a CTT regulation so it WILL be enforced.

Things to note: These are all “Come and Try It” events which means day members no longer pay a surcharge and you don’t have to be a member of a CTT Affiliated club. You DO NOT change age category during the season and your category for the series is based on your age on the FIRST event of the season i.e. how old you are on the 31st March 2020.

We are starting on Tuesday 31st March 2020 until 6th August when we switch to Thursday for the Plomesgate events. The final 2up and presentation will be at Henley on Tuesday 1st Sept.  We will still have a total of 23 events. The first 22 events will count towards the league, the last event will be a “fun” 2up 5 mile TT followed by the presentation of trophies. 12 events will count to your points total unless events get cancelled.

Juniors go free

Signing on starts at 6pm and closes at 6:40pm (i.e. 10 minutes after the first rider has started)

All events start at 6:30pm (Riders will go at 30sec intervals for the early season 5’s), except Plomesgate which start at 6:45pm

Road bike category. In general, if you are deliberately using or wearing a piece of equipment designed to be aerodynamic and you would not normally wear or ride with that piece of equipment in a road race or a club ride then you will be classed as a TT rider and not Road. This includes, but is not limited to, tri or “spinaci” bars, long or short tailed helmets specifically designed for time trials , maximum 50mm deep rimmed wheels, time trial specific frames. Nobody is out measuring wheels or scrutineering equipment, this is down to the individuals deciding for themselves what constitutes the road bike category so be honest with yourself with what is within the spirit of the competition.