Plomesgate 10 6th Aug 2020 Entry List

Entry is now closed as it has reached its maximum. Please contact Ant Birt if you have any questions or cannot ride and need to be removed (

These are the entries for the Plomesgate 10 on the 6th Aug 2020 as at 23:09 on 28th Jul 2020


Paul Moss
Mr Miles Berry
Sue Chittock
Damon Parker
James Potter
Steven hammond
Josephine Rosier
Paul Mathias
Amanda Mallett
Tracey Holbrook
Steve Cave
Laura Davies
Tracey McKenzie
James Hayward
Andy Kennedy
Joseph Shaw
Daryl Butcher
William Carlyon
William Crabtree
Peter Hurry
Jonathan Carlyon
Cheryl Tye
Peter kerry
Chris Tye
David Coley
Phil Marsden
Stephen Beaumont
nick webber
Keith Sparkes
Adrian Pettitt
Mr Julian Bosley
Matt Peck
Maximillian Chesterman
Alex Hickson
Jim Hardwicke
james young
Albie Willett
Billy Richmond
Jonathan Evans
Verity Smith