Important Notes for Riders

Entry fee this season is £5 (except juniors who go free this year)

All races start at 6:30pm with signing on between 6pm and 6:40pm (except Plomesgate events which start at 6:45pm)

Riders will start at 30sec intervals for the early season 5’s

A working rear light is MANDATORY for ALL events. This is now a CTT regulation so it WILL be enforced.

A front light is also strongly recommended for the first 4 events.

A hard shell helmet that meets internationally accepted safety standards is MANDATORY for ALL events.

When Signing On

Please PRINT your name CLEARLY. Your club should be your first claim CTT registered club.

If you are NOT a member of a CTT registered club you will need to register as a day member. Please remember to print ‘Day Member’ as your club and NOT the promoting club.

Under 18’s need to have a parent consent form -> ConsentFormClub or here

Category:- Juvenile 12-15yrs ‘Juv’,

Junior 16-18yrs ‘J’,

Senior ‘S’,

Veteran if aged 40 and over plus age band:- V40, V50, V60,

Female please enter L, followed by the age band LS,LV, LV40,LV50, LV60 etc as above

Age categories are based on the age you are on the FIRST race of the season year so if you are 50 on or before the first race you will be a V50 for the season. If in doubt, ask.

Age bands DO NOT change during the season.

A Warning note for riders:

The rules of the road MUST be obeyed at ALL times.

No crossing of the centre white line and give way to traffic at junctions. Observers will be posted around the course

Any riders caught breaking these rules will be disqualified- you have been warned.

All events are Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations

U-Turns will not be permitted on the course or on roads adjacent to the start and finish areas whilst the race is in progress.
Note-Any breaking of this Regulation in the first case may mean disqualification from the event. Further cases will be referred to the District Committee.
Definition: A U-Turn is defined as a 180 degree turn completed within the highway whilst astride the bicycle, it is recommended that riders dismount , check the road is clear and then walk across the road

Warming Up. No warming up along the course by competitors once the event has started